In the ever-evolving world of catering and events, 2024 has made a shift towards prioritizing health and wellness. While we’re all about staying on top of the latest trends, one thing remains constant – the LUX commitment to creating memorable and personalized experiences. The ‘Build Your Own Protein Bowl’ station is the best of both worlds as it offers a healthy, customizable, and flavorful journey for you and your guests.

As your go-to catering and events experts, we breakdown the ‘Build Your Own Protein Bowl’ station into 5 easy steps! From deliciously paired bases and toppings to complimentary dressings and protein options we cover it all. Let’s get down to business!

01 | Bases: A canvas of choices

The start to any great protein bowl lies in the base. Keep it simple by offering your guests two options such as:

– Brown Rice

– Quinoa

– Couscous

– Vermicelli Noodles

– Wild rice

– Basmati Rice

– Farro

– Bulgur

02 | Proteins: Essential to any nutritious meal

Everyone has their protein preferences. To accommodate these varying tastes and dietary requirements, consider offering 3 of the following versatile protein options:

– Shredded Pork

– Steamed Shrimp

– Marinated Tempeh

– Grilled Chicken

– Steak Strips

– Blackened Salmon

– Marinated Tofu

– Crispy Chickpeas

03 | Toppings: Offer vibrant and flavorful combinations

Let your imagination run wild when choosing toppings! Provide at least 10 colorful and diverse options for a truly personalized experience. To recreate the station captured above, use the following toppings:

– Brussels Sprouts

– Roasted Cauliflower

– Bell Peppers

– Cherry Tomatoes

– Sugar Snap Peas

– Roasted Beets

– Black Beans

– Fire Roasted Corn

– Scallions

– Kale

– Shredded Cabbage

– Diced Apple

– Feta Cheese

– Cucumber

– Olives

– Shredded Carrots

But why stop there? The sky is the limit when picking crowd pleasing toppings!

04 | Dressings: Elevated flavor

Don’t let your protein bowls be boring, enhance the flavors with savory sauces such as:

– Avocado Ranch

– Teriyaki Sauce

– Lemon Vinaigrette

– Tzatziki

– Sriracha

– Tahini

– Salsa

– Balsamic Glaze

05 | Setup: Flow & Function

Arrange the ingredients in an organized and visually appealing manner starting with the bases and ending with the sauces. Stations should have clear signage as well as appropriate utensils, bowls, and plates for guests to use.

The ‘Build Your Own Protein Bowl’ station transforms a simple meal into a canvas of creativity! Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or social gathering, incorporating this interactive station adds a unique touch that resonates with individual preferences. While this guide breaks down the ‘Build Your Own Protein Bowl’ station into achievable steps, hosting an event can be still be a daunting and overwhelming feat. Take the stress out of event planning with our incredible team of experienced concierges and master chefs. So, what are you waiting for? Come experience the LUX difference!



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