Here are some catering service styles that we love, each of which can be tailored to suit any Salt Lake City catering menu! Whether you're aiming for a casual gathering or an upscale affair, there's a catering style to match every occasion. Our culinary experts will work closely with you to visualize how each style will enhance your event. And if you have a specific catering style in mind that isn't listed here, don't worry – we're skilled in a variety of styles, so just let us know your preferences!

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A great way to showcase your food to your guests while typically needing less staff compared to other service styles. Our buffets are carefully designed for the most stunning presentation. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or a snack, types of buffet service can vary. Talk to our catering experts about your options!


Our passion is to provide guests with a restaurant-caliber culinary experience featuring the highest-quality local, seasonal and sustainably farmed menus, plated to perfection. After each meal is carefully prepared, our event team serves each guest in perfect synchronized service, making it a personalized dining experience.

Small Plates

Whether standing or lounging, guests can enjoy various pre-plated and prepared items of their choosing, and experience a range of beautifully presented options while interacting with guests.

Family Style Dining

Family-style service sets the stage for an intimate atmosphere, fostering conversation and connection. Platters of food are placed on each table, inviting guests to help themselves, reminiscent of cherished family gatherings.

Chef Engagement

An artfully trained LUX event chef will prepare customized selections on-site so your guests can enjoy an interactive and dynamic food experience!

Food & Beverage Stations

Stations are a great way to emphasize the social aspect of an event, they are fun to customize and allow you to tell a story with your event – moving guests throughout an event space with different experiences.

Butler Service

From delicious hors d’oeuvres to bite-sized pieces of culinary art, tray-passed service creates the unexpected delight that keeps conversations flowing. This is a great way to welcome guests to an evening of dining and entertainment or to thank them for attending with a sweet send-off.

Roaming Cart Service

Anything from a roaming artisanal water cart to a roaming charcuterie board—this is a great way for stationary guests to enjoy food or beverage service without leaving their conversation. This is a super unique catering style that many haven’t seen before!


Our expert chefs have perfected grilled steaks, pork, salmon, trout and chicken. LUX will take your hamburgers and hot dogs to a whole new level! Classic barbecue catering is a great way to entertain a wide array of guests.


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