The glass you chose for your cocktail might have a bigger impact on your drink than you might think! We’re going to introduce you to three classic cocktail staples, what they’re used for, and why. Follow along and see if your home bar is in need of an update! 

Highball or Collins
The Highball or Collins glass is fashioned for cocktails with a high ratio of non-alcoholic ingredients and beverages that are served with plenty of ice. 
Examples of cocktails for this glass: Tom Collins, Mojito, Gin & Tonic, Bloody Mary

Lowball or Rocks Glass
The Lowball or Rocks glass is perfect for cocktails with a higher ratio of alcohol. Often times these are perfect for beverages served on the rocks or cocktails with muddled ingredients. 
Examples of cocktails for this glass: Sours, Old Fashioned, White Russian

Coupe or Martini Glass
A Coupe of Martini glass is the best option for cocktails served without ice. The stem on this type of glass helps to keep your fingers from warming the beverage, and the wide mouth of the glass allows you to take in the aromas of the cocktail. 
Examples of cocktails for this glass: Martini, Manhattan, Some Sours, Cosmopolitan

Does your bar include these glassware staples? We hope you learned a little bit about cocktails and how to serve them! If you have further questions about bar services, please reach out to a LUX Event Producer! We’re ready to answer all of your questions! 


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