Once upon a time we toured our facilities and asked some of the LUX Culinary Team what tools they could not live without in their personal kitchens. We bring to you Part 2 of our Chef’s top culinary products! (Click here for Part 1). With diverse culinary backgrounds in everything from gastronomy, to vinification, to patissier, our chef’s have a lifetime of combined expertise. Now let’s reveal their must-have culinary products so you can elevate your game in the kitchen!

Ryan Nelson, Executive Chef

Chef Ryan’s go-to kitchen tool is a Classic 7″ Hollow Edge Santoku. Its ergonomic grip, dimpled blade, and light weight is great for a wide variety of cuts. A go-to knife is essential in any kitchen!

Nishan Garabedian, Executive Chef

Chef Nishan recommends a vacuum sealer for its multifunctional purposes:1 – Quick pickling and marinating 2 –  Extending the shelf life of food 3 – Easy sous vide cooking. “Here at LUX, we use a Vacmaster, which is for commercial use, but household sealers like FoodSaver can be found at most general merchandise retailers.”

Tara Trueax, Pastry Chef

Chef Tara doesn’t go a day without using a silicone spatula. “I use a variety of sizes every day in our daily production.” Her personal favourite is the U-taste 600 F Heat Resistant Silicone Spatula Set thanks to its versatility, heat resistance, non-damaging qualities, and durability.

Lizzie Steele, Pastry Chef

Chef Lizzie’s kitchen staple is a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Used for cookie dough, cakes, frostings, etc. – a KitchenAid mixer is used everyday in the bakery here at LUX. According to Lizzie, the best place to get them from is Orson Gygi. “They have lots of different color options and bowl types to match your kitchen and its needs!”

Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or a dinner for one, every great chef starts with their kitchen tools. We hope these recommendations inspire you to try new recipes, explore diverse ingredients, and most importantly, create memorable experiences!


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