We celebrated Jack’s 8th birthday party with a science themed explosion! (just kidding about the explosion, but it was still really cool!)

Jack’s family has been a long-standing client of ours and we were thrilled when they wanted to host his birthday celebrating his favorite thing – science! We got to brainstorming and dreaming up how we could incorporate some of his favorite things into his celebration. 

We started with a taco station, because who doesn’t love those? Next up was the dessert station, featuring geode brownie cookies, carrot cake cupcakes, and vanilla cupcakes. But the real star of the show was our interactive root beer float station! Here, guests would enjoy ice cream dropped in a cup infused with nitrogen to create a steamy interaction. Of course we couldn’t have a science infused station without a little education too! We worked with the science kid himself to create signage that explained the interaction of the food and nitrogen to help his friends understand. 

We couldn’t forget about the beverages either. We had a color changing lemonade for all of the guests to enjoy! When mixed with acidic properties, like citrus, the butterfly pea flower tea changes from deep indigo to a rich, royal purple, or even bright magenta-pink. We also had signage on this station explaining the chemical reaction for guests to learn about what they were drinking. 

Overall, the goal of this event was to celebrate the spectacular birthday boy, and share his passion for science and all things educational with his friends! His guests were able to enjoy delicious food, property-changing beverages, and educational and interactive activities! Happy Birthday, Jack! 

All photos by Billow & Mull Photography


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