At LUX we understand that our success would not be possible without the amazing team that we have. The LUX team takes the utmost pride in their positions and in the company, and it resonates into every event. It is our mission to make our employees feel valued and appreciated at LUX, therefore we have many programs in place to celebrate them. 

We offer our teams trainings, mentoring, daily lunches, incentive programs, snacks, and more! One of our favorite things we do to celebrate our team is our Employee Appreciation Week. For 2019 we celebrated our team in style. Our week featured two LUX swag days. One of the days our team received reusable metal straws and the other they received LUX wine keys. Both swag days were celebrated in style, of course! We had an ice cream float day for our straws and wine Wednesday for our wine keys. 

Along with our swag days we hosted a fabulous summer party! We teamed up with the Utah State Fairpark to throw a giant shebang! Our summer party featured the world’s tallest inflatable slide, inflatable jousting, an inflatable obstacle course, yard games, and food trucks! Over 150 team members and their families came to join us and hang out in the summer heat! 

While we wanted to spend the week giving back to our team we also wanted to give back to our community. We sponsored two days of home building with Habitat for Humanity. Each day of building included 15 of our team members who volunteered their time to giving back. We worked on finishing two sheds for houses that already had tenants living in them. It was an amazing and eye-opening experience for us! 

LUX prides itself on being an inclusive company. We are more than just a business with employees, we are a tight-knit family. We guarantee that the LUX team has a safe and happy workplace – this translates into the perfect client experience. 


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