Spectacular service is one of the most important aspects to event planning for LUX. We make sure that we are wowing you and your guests with everything that we do! One of our newest measures taken to elevate every plated event is our synchronized service style!

We consider synchronized service to be a performance that we are displaying to you and your guests, and it’s all about presentation and ease! For every course in the meal our table staff will walk out of the kitchen with two plates in their hand, they make their way to the guest table in a line and then stand behind the guest they are serving, from there each guest is served their plate of food, and the staff place their hands behind their backs and return back in line to the kitchen for the next table. 

We wanted to show our clients the professionalism and service they expect, and now every person at the table is able to begin their meal at the same time, no waiting for your neighbor to have their plate as well. With this upgrade in service style we are able to produce a quicker serve time and a stunning presentation. 

Along with fabulous service, quality is equally important to us! We take every measure necessary to ensure a delicious meal. For this event we were able to grill the guest meals on site and present them with a beautiful, hot, and fresh entree.


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