As wedding planners, it is our mission and pleasure to make your dream wedding a reality. But in order for us to do that, we have to have a very clear understanding of what your dream wedding looks like. In order to achieve this, we invite all of our couples in for a consultation before we send you a proposal! During the consultation we take time to get to know you, your passions, and your relationship! We gather knowledge on the color scheme, florals, food, and decor you envision for your wedding day, and work with you to design a custom proposal with those details included! 

Here are a few things you can expect and prepare for when you arrive for your consultation. 

First things first, come to your consultation prepared to express the vision you’ve dreamed of for your wedding day! Did you know Pinterest is a great search engine? It’s more than pretty pictures on the internet, you can use Pinterest to help inspire you. When using Pinterest we recommend using images to envelope the essence of what you are looking for, not trying to replicate an image exactly. 

Make sure to bring pictures of every part of your wedding that you have expectations on: color pallets, linens, china, florals, beverages wedding cake, and food!

Second, plan to see lots of samples! The visual elements to an in-person consultation are the best part! We have a plethora of linen samples, china, flatware, glassware, and decor options to show you! If you’re planning a plated dinner for you wedding we can display the exact tablescape you’re imaging and make sure it’s something you still love!

Finally, make sure the most important people to the wedding planning process are at your wedding consultation – however, don’t bring too many people. This process should include 2-4 people: the couple, and whomever may be paying for the wedding. Too many people present can equate to too many voices – too often communication and expectations are lost in the confusion. 

Once we’ve worked through the details of your wedding we will put together a custom proposal to match everything we talked about! Once details of your proposal are solidified we will invite you back to LUX for a taste test! 

During your taste test you will have the chance to see everything you decided on! You’ll taste your menu, be able to visualize and touch your linens and china, see your custom floral arrangements. Weddings are a big deal, and we are here to make sure your day is absolutely perfect! Let us be your partner in designing your dream wedding!

Photos by Billow and Mull and Sarah McClure Photo | Florals by LUX Floral & Design


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