Do you find yourself wondering around this time of year, “When should I start my garden?” It is recommended to start your outdoor planting mid-May, once the hard frosts and chills are done and warmer days are here to stay. Spring is one of the few times many of us look forward to chores. From sweeping off the porch to hosing down the deck, to cleaning up the planter beds, it’s a rite of passage after a long winter. As the cold weather fades our souls yearn for warmth, sun, and green!  

It’s time to start yard prep! Be ready to prep your yard and start cleaning up the winter debris. Now is the time to clear leaves, garbage, prune back your trees, clean out the pots on the porch, trim back any perennials to give them a better shape, and sharpen up the edges of your beds. Deal with weeds in early spring. Invasive or aggressive weeds will only get worse as daylight hours increase during summer. As they grow, their roots will strengthen and they will be very difficult to pull out.

After the winter, the soil in your garden beds may be compacted. Remove thick layers of leaves which are covering evergreen ground cover beds. Thin layers of leaves in your beds can be left alone and simply mulched over later. They’ll break down and add organic matter to your soil. Then, loosen the soil to help oxygen reach the plants’ roots. You can use hand tools for small areas, but larger areas may benefit from tilling. By completing these tasks your yard is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood!

As you’re cleaning and prepping the yard, it’s also a great time to get down your initial lawn treatments. If you’re brave enough to do it on your own, set to work on weeding and fertilizing, or if you’re not about that life – now is the time to call in the lawn treatment guy. (This is also a great time to start testing the sprinkler system for anything that may need repairs.) 

After you’ve cleaned and tidied it’s time to clean your patio set, and begin positioning everything. Start thinking about that great big spring shopping spree for new shrubs, trees, and flowers, and where you want to place those around your furniture! 

Taking the time on your landscape early in the season will prepare it for the fun stuff later in the season. If you’re looking for more tips, tricks, and gorgeous gardens be sure to come join LUX Floral & Design for our Patio Planter and Container class May 27th,  28th, 29th, June 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th, and 12th! 

Gardening in containers can transform your balcony, deck, or patio into more than just barbecue space. Learn how to create a soothing outdoor retreat by adding containers filled with flowering plants, herbs, or vegetables. We’ll look at container design and selection, how to combine plants for aesthetic arrangements, plant selection, and maintenance. Base gravel, potting soil, tools, aprons, towels, and food and beverages provided by LUX Catering & Events are included in your ticket price. All plants, containers, and accessories are an additional cost.


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