Post guest written by LUX Event Producer, Tracy Barlow. When planning events it’s easy to get lost in the end result. Something you must remember to take into consideration is – what is it like when your guest comes through the front door of your event? Work on planning your event with your guests in mind from the moment they arrive, to when they leave. 

We love thinking about all the social media posts we’ll see the next day, sometimes even the evening of a great event. We all want those fabulous photos circulating and telling the story of your event! In order to promote those happy guests and social posts we need to make sure every detail is planned and thought out.

Here are some tips and details we recommend working through with your event planner!

Through the front door: When guests arrive will they know where to park? Include on your website or invitation where guests are supposed to park, and any fees that may apply. If there is a distance they will need to walk, give them a heads up about that too. You may also want to have a sign in front of the venue directing them to where they’re supposed to park.

Venue: When guests walk up to your amazing venue is it clear where they should enter? Don’t make your guests hunt for you, they’ve waited long enough to celebrate, clearly get them in, and get the celebration started! Directional and welcome signs directing guests where to go and what to do are the perfect way to immediately make guests feel at ease. 

Engage guests: Many people love being able to offer their guests a drink immediately. Whether it’s water, mocktail, or a cocktail, offering them a beverage right away makes people feel welcomed.

Seating: Is your event a reception flow or a seated and plated dinner? Adding lounges and eclectic seating to your event can promote interaction and mingling between your guests!

Downtime: Every event has slow times, so don’t ignore them. Some events have a slight lag in the beginning when people are making their way to the event, others have downtime between food service and the entertainment, etc. Keep the story going during the down time with great hors d’oeuvres, an activity, or perhaps music! Exciting food stations where guests interact with the chefs is also a great way to fill the time.

Now let the party begin and flourish! When it comes time to end the event, don’t leave your guests wondering if they should leave.. tell them! Have your last call be loud and clear, and typically 30 minutes before the set event end time. When your event is over thank your guests for coming and wish them all a safe trip home. Invite them to share photos and stories on their social media about your event, you can even create a hashtag to make them easy to find and navigate!

We hope these tips have sparked some new inspiration in your event planning process and we can’t wait to be your partner in creating a wonderful event!

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