Wedding arches are a stunning way to transform and enhance your ceremony space! Having an arch or backdrop for your nuptials can help to create a focal point, plus they look amazing in photos! While floral arches have always been wildly popular, we’ve started to see our brides think outside of the box and allow us to create gorgeous new pieces for them! Keep reading to find your wedding arch inspiration!

Mountain Inspired Arch

A simple, yet stunning approach! Two triangle shaped pieces were overlapped to create a mountainous picture. Each element is flanked with gorgeous floral pieces to tie in the bride’s bouquet and the rest of the wedding flowers as well!

Modern Circular Arch

Our bride hosted an incredible wedding at the Natural History Museum of Utah and wanted something simplistic, yet modern to meld with the venue. We crafted a slender circular arch out of copper pipes and draped with greenery and linens to match the reception decor and flow. 

Nature Inspired Arch

For this ceremony arch we wanted to compliment the stunning green and natural surroundings of this venue! We designed these gorgeous sandblasted root wreaths and adorned them with complimenting floral arrangements. The ceremony aisle was also lined with similar florals to tie everything together!

Bohemian Inspired Arch

While this is not an arch, per say, it is a gorgeous ceremony backdrop! This wedding took place in our clients backyard, on their basketball court. We worked together with them to design a ceremony space that would disguise its location completely! We added multiple layers and patterns to this backdrop and it was the perfect way to disguise the location. 

Traditional with a Twist

Floral arches are where this trend mostly began, but rather than creating a large arch out of florals that could not easily be repurposed in their wedding, we created more of a backdrop with the florals! These low and lush pieces were able to be relocated to their reception after the ceremony was over. 

These are just a few options for inspiration. We love collaborating and creating the perfect arch or backdrop for our couples! Ask your Event Producer about scheduling a floral consultation if you’re ready to take your ideas to the next level! 


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