Many will be throwing their own New Year’s Eve cocktail parties tonight to bring in the New Year with the warmth and comfort of home while also surrounded by their friends and family. If you fall into this category, we have a few tips to help you plan and execute a successful cocktail party your guests will remember the rest of the year!

Be sure to come up with a signature cocktail to help create a successful cocktail party

First off, you can’t have a cocktail party without a Signature Cocktail for the evening! Pick something that coincides with your party’s theme but also create a signature drink that only requires a few ingredients. This not only cuts down on cost and mess, but it makes it easier to make for you and your guests so you have more time to socialize. Be sure and test our your cocktail  a day or two in advance to ensure you like the taste – have a few friends try it as well to get a general consensus of it’s deliciousness.

Cocktail party

We found we liked this cocktail, called the Chameleon Cocktail, featured on Gourmantine. The colors of the drink matched perfectly with our Peacock holiday decorating theme (however, we definitely would give it a more appropriate name to match our Peacock holiday theme). If you are having a hard time creating your own cocktail concoction, check out and browse through over 12,300 drink recipes.

pick up fresh produce for your mixed drinks like freshly squeezed juice to ensure a successful cocktail party

For an added touch that will be greatly appreciated, pick up fresh fruit and garnishes you might need for your drinks the morning of the event. Freshly squeezed juices that have the day to refrigerate will increase the flavor and refreshing effect of your cocktail and mixers and will have your guests wanting your secret to their delicious drinks. Don’t forget about the midnight champagne toast: freeze grapes or blueberries freshly bought the morning of the party and then float them in your champagne flutes!

float frozen blueberries in your champagne flutes for an added detail to your successful cocktail party

Don’t overlook the ambiance and atmosphere of your party. Decorate with vases of flowers for a more romantic and intimate environment or visit an antique mall the weekend before your party and pick up some interesting items to distribute around your home. Not only will it add to an urban, turn-of-the-century themed party, but they would provide wonderful conversation starters for you and your guests.

Don’t forget to lower your thermostat right before the party begins – more bodies equal higher temperatures and you want to ensure your guests feel comfortable and sociable. Replace lightbulbs with low-wattage or amber colored bulbs to give your home a more intimate, lounge effect. Don’t forget the music: rather than take hours to compile a playlist yourself, subscribe to Spotify and connect your phone to speakers or an entertainment system. Spotify provides playlists and stations based off moods, holidays and parties so you are sure to find the perfect combination of tunes to ring in the New Year!

A few last things to keep in mind: avoid candles. While they give off a great glow and beautiful lighting, unless they are electric or are encased in hurricanes, they post a fire danger with lots of people around. If you are worried about your furniture, be sure to provide plenty of coasters and tablecloths to catch any drips or spills. And finally, don’t overcrowd the bar. While it’s great to provide plenty of options for your guests to sip on as well as the decor to set the theme of the party, there is nothing more frustrating as a party guest than to not have enough room to make your drink!

We hope these tips have got your brain buzzing and help to create your perfect, successful cocktail party. Regardless of your plans for the night, we hope you all enjoy a safe and fun-filled New Years Eve surrounded by your friends and family. Wishing you a New Year full of love, happiness and health from the Lux Catering and Events team!


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