When hosting an event, seating is a crucial step in the planning process! There are many things to consider such as: how many guests needs to be accommodated, is there a theme to follow, do you need a lounge or table seating, etc.

Creativity and innovation is what keeps us going and we want to walk you through a few options to elevate your seating selection at your event!

Eclectic Mix + Match

Does your venue have a vintage charm to it? Play to the atmosphere of the space and intentionally alternate your chair selection! When done correctly, not matching your chairs can completely change the feel of your event. This event was a stunning plated dinner designed to have a beautiful boho feel to it, by mixing up the chairs we were able to speak to the feel of the event more than if we had used matching chairs.

Large Lounge Seating

When hosting an event with a large guest count creating lounges throughout the space can be a fabulous way to seat more guests, but also still promote mingling and interaction. By creating multiple large outdoor lounges we were able to accomodate guests during cocktail hour while the inside of the venue was being staged for a plated dinner.

Intimate Lounge Seating

Unlike large lounges, creating smaller lounges creates a more intimate feel to an event. While this event boasted over 120 guests, we selectively created two cozy lounges to seat up to 12 people at a time. This style of seating could be utilized at a larger event like this to create breakout seating for guests, or could be used at smaller events to promote mingling between all guests.

Themed Intimate Seating

The overall vibe of this event was bohemian desert. In order to aid to the ambiance of the event we created various intimate seating options throughout the entire event, giving guests the option to step away from the hustle and bustle of the event and relax in a smaller setting.

Classic Table Seating

Our last suggestion is one of the most common styles that we see while on events – a stunning classic seating set. Many venues have seating available for clients when the space is rented, but there is always the option to elevate the feel of your event with unique chair rentals. Chair placement is an important aspect to the feel of a tablescape, and making sure there are clean and straight lines is something prioritize when placing seating options.

While there are endless possibilities available to you when it comes to event seating these are just a few of our favorite styles!

Photos by: Sarah McClure Photo, Billow and Mull, Dav.d Daniels Photography


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