We had a fun tasting last week at the LUX Catering & Events offices featuring some of the new items we are considering adding to our menus this spring! Our chefs knocked it out of the park with a long list of delicious and exotic recipes.

The purpose of this tasting was to explore dishes we could offer as small plate meals – imagine having a meal where you got to try a small sampling of handful of delicious and appetizing dishes!? This not only allows us to further customize an intricate and flavorful menu but it also allows our clients to enjoy a flavorful journey as they enjoy our food.

Here is just a sampling of the items they prepared last week and which you may soon see on our upcoming new menus!
Moqueca small plate tasting at LeCroissant catering and events

Based off a traditional Brazilian recipe that features a variety of salt water fish,  we added clams, calamari steak, halibut, shrimp, and squid in a creamy and  savory coconut milk broth.


Halibut with quinoa small plate tasting at LeCroissant catering and events

We pan-seared small fillets of halibut and paired them with red quinoa and served them over a smooth butternut squash purée. We topped the dish off with two thin slices of fresh red bell pepper.

Smoked Potato:

Smoked potato small plate tasting at Lux Catering and Events

We smoked small russet potatoes and served them in a black  garlic vinaigrette along side a caper aoli.

Coq Au Vin Chicken:

Polenta small plate tasting at Lux Catering and Eventscoq au vin small plate tasting at Lux Catering and Events

We served chicken thigh drummets the traditional French Coq Au Vin style but got creative by serving it over creamy polenta with mascarpone cream.

Keep your eyes open for our new menus debuting soon! To book your next event or wedding with us and to enjoy these delicious dishes, give us a call at (801) 466-2537 or visit our website.


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