Vegan catering was the challenge in our Salt Lake kitchen today… and we nailed it! Chef Tony, experimenting with tasty ways to prepare tofu with an asian flair this morning, came up with this delicious Tempura fried tofu:

Salt Lake City vegan catering like spicy plum tempura tofu with seasame rice


Tony began by making sticky rice, rolled the cooked rice into balls and partially covered them in sesame seeds. He took cubes of tofu and coated them in a thin tempura batter and fried them until crispy. For the sauce, he combined spicy plum sauce with garlic, olive oil and wine and tossed the fried tofu into the sauce.

The end result is an exciting adventure through asian flavor: zesty yet slightly sweet, the spice plum sauce left a bit of a bite yet not enough to mask the mild sesame rise, which added a soft compliment to the crispy tofu. All employees agreed it was delicious… once they had finished their lunch first.

Sesame sticky rice option on our Salt Lake City vegan catering menu at LeCroissant - Utah's premier caterer

This is just part of the fun we are having discovering new menu items on our journey to providing more vegetarian and vegan catering options. The limitations that come with upholding a delicious and unique vegetarian and vegan catering menu, for us, act as a catalyst to creativity rather than a barrier.

Keep up with us as we continue to experiment, discover and expand our vegan catering options. If are looking for vegetarian or vegan catering, call us and schedule a consultation. We would love to work with you to create a unique and flavorful vegan menu for your event or wedding!


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