wedding photographer UtahAs technology continues to improve, it becomes easier and easier to be a self-professed photographer. If you’re looking for a photographer, chances are that you have some memories you want preserved. Poor-quality results are the last thing you want for your wedding, engagement, or family photos. Finding the right photographer can be difficult, so here are a few tips for choosing the perfect photographer for your precious memories.


View the photographer’s portfolio before making a decision. Ensure that you like their style. If you have a preference between film and digital, check to see which the photographer uses. Check out what equipment your photographer has available, especially if you want specific kinds of shots. Check that the photographer’s style matches your own vision, and that they understand precisely what you are asking for.


Along with finding a compatible style, you must also make sure that your photographer has a personality that meshes with your own. Working closely with someone requires a great deal of cooperation. If your personalities mesh well, it will be easier to clearly communicate your expectations.

You’ll also want to make certain that your photographer is good with people. You won’t get natural-looking, happy people in your pictures if the photographer is short-tempered or snippy. If there will be children in the photographs, make sure that the photographer has experience working with kids and will be able to obtain the results you need.


Budget is likely to be the most important factor in choosing a photographer. Ensure that you know any additional costs besides the initial flat-fee for covering the event. There will likely be additional charges for the photographs or albums you choose after the event. Retouching photographs is also a separate fee that typically fluctuates based on the amount of necessary retouching. Compare prices before choosing a photographer. Although “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to photographers, don’t blow your entire budget on pictures.

Recommendations and Reviews

Finding a good photographer can be as simple as listening to a friend’s recommendation. Read several photographers’ reviews before deciding on one. Check their levels of experience. Don’t hire a new photographer if you’d prefer one with a decade of experience under their belt.


wedding venue UtahIn certain cases, like with weddings, the date may be non-negotiable. You’ll have to ensure that the photographer is available on the date that you need them, or you’ll have to choose a different photographer. In other cases, like family photos, you might be able to plan the event around the photographer’s schedule. In either case, you’ll need to check on the photographer’s availability.

Communicate with the photographer to determine a back-up plan. See if they have an alternate in case they fall ill, have a family emergency, or have something else come up. You don’t want to be left picture-less due to an unavoidable incident.

Choosing a good photographer is important for any event, whether it’s your wedding or a birthday bash. For more advice on choosing the right photographer for your event, give us a call today!

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