A charcuterie (pronounced “shahr-ku-tuh-ree”) board is a surefire way to please your guests this season! It includes crowd pleasing favorites like cured meats, artisan cheeses, baguettes, fruit, nuts, and more! Pair a fabulous board with a bottle of wine and an antipasto salad and you’ve got the perfect summer evening treat!

Not only are charcuterie boards a tasty addition to your table, but they’re a visually pleasing addition as well! So what’s the secret to making an outstanding charcuterie board!? We’re here to tell you!

Step one: find the right board to display your elements on. From large cutting boards, to marble slabs, to roaming bar carts (LUX is obsessed with this option!), find the option that best fits your event atmosphere.

Step two: select a variety of cured meats to showcase. Some of our favorites include Creminelli salami, prosciutto, casalingo, barolo, and sopressata.

Step three: pair your meat selections with an assortment of varying cheeses. We love the local artisan offerings from Beehive Cheese and Heber Valley Cheese.

Step four: crackers and breads! Offering different types of crackers or sliced breads is a great way to please everyone and give them an additional item to pair their meat and cheese with.

Step five: something sweet! Here is your opportunity to add a flair to your charcuterie board. Additional spread options can include olives, dried or fresh fruits, chocolate, jams, mustards, or nuts!

Step six: artfully arrange! If there are any additional open spaces left on your board take this chance to add in garnishes ! You can use fresh herbs like mint or rosemary to fill the space. If herbs don’t seem like the right pair, add in some signage to keep track of the type of cheese or meat in the board and fill in space.

Pro tip:  selecting a wide variety of meat and cheese options and varying the colors and textures is the key to success.

We can’t wait to see how you create your next charcuterie board. Tag us in your creations on social media so we can see your combinations!


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