LUX has an amazing team comprised of artisans, designers, and creators with a lifetime of combined expertise. Many of our chefs have international culinary backgrounds which adds a fabulous flair to our cuisine. We toured the building and asked some of the LUX family what tools they could not live without in their personal kitchens. Check out some of their recommendations and see what you may need to add to your kitchen tools in the future.

Don Sanchez – Executive Chef
Executive Chef Don’s kitchen staple is a hand blender. He loves this tool for its ability to quickly mix together things like dressing and glazes, pureeing ingredients, or blending!

Tulia Ibanz – Sous Chef
Chef Tulia’s kitchen is not complete without her Shun knife. She always has one on hand, whether it’s in her Utah home, Columbian house, or LUX kitchen. A professional grade, sharp knife is important for nearly all recipes!

Scott Ackley – Event Chef
Chef Scott loves his NuWave Nutri-Pot pressure cooker. He loves the benefits it offers. The food he creates in his pressure cooker retains its nutrition, saves energy, saves him time in preparing meals, and less cleaning required!

Kevin Hillaire –  Chef de Partie
Chef Kevin’s answer is based off of timeliness and ease! He cannot live without his rice cooker – it makes preparing a base of rice seamless and quick with the push of a button. While he waits for his rice to cook he’s able to direct his time and effort into creating more intricate and flavorful options to pair with rice.

Jeff Duncombe – Chef de Partie
Chef Jeff cannot live without his cast iron skillet. Having a spectacularly seasoned cast iron can make or break a meal! Jeff loves to use his to make cuisine with a souther flair, and clean up is a breeze when all you have to do is remove the excess ingredients and wipe the skillet clean.

Tyler Kay – Chef de Partie
Chef TK is obsessed with his Ninja blender. He uses it for everything from pureeing items, making dressings, soups, and even smoothies daily for breakfast!

Andrew Denning – Chef de Partie
Chef Andrew believes that no kitchen is complete without a good stock pot. Many recipes require hearty bases, and a stock pot is a great tool for creating those!

Sonia Strong – Pastry Chef
Our Pastry Chef Sonia uses her Kitchenaid stand mixer nearly every day, whether she’s at home or LUX! Many people think a Kitchenaid stand mixer is strictly for baking, but Sonia loves to use hers for every day things like shredding meat, making mashed potatoes, or even making fresh pasta!

Emily Tadehara – Assistant Pastry Chef
When it comes to baking, Assistant Pastry Chef Emily can’t create a fabulous cake without her Ateco revolving cake stand. She relies on its sturdy to build to perfect all of her cake design needs!

Hopefully these product recommendations can help you hone in on the kitchen tools you’re lacking or possibly want to try!


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