LeCroissant Catering & Events is honored and proud to be one of the few businesses in Utah registered as a Benefit Corporation. But what is a Benefit Corporation you ask? Let us explain a little….

What is a Benefit Corporation?

A benefit corporation is a newer classification of business here in Utah that aims to not only be in business for profit, but also to be transparent and accountable to the local community and the environment. “The purpose of a benefit corporation is to create general public benefit, which is defined as a material positive impact on society and the environment.”

Lux Catering and Events was one of the first out of 13 businesses here in Utah to immediately sign up for Benefit Corporation status when SB 133 was signed into law in 2014.

Lux Catering and Events has been happy and proud to be one of the few Benefit Corporations and green catering businesses in Utah since the beginning!

LeCroissant’s Benefit Corporation Annual Report

As part of being a Benefit Corporation as well as to uphold the transparency built into being a benefit corporation, we are required to publish our annual benefit corporation report that lays out what we are doing as a business to uphold the tenets of sustainability and community accountability.

To see our Benefit Corporation 2015 Annual Report, click below:

LeCroissant Catering & Events, Utah's premier green caterer and sustainable event planner, has published their annual Benefit Corporation report.

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