LUX Catering & Events, as one of Utah’s best wedding caterers and best wedding planners, we thrive on knowing how we are doing. What we are doing amazing and what we could improve to get us to amazing. One of the best forms of feedback for us to gauge this is wedding catering reviews from clients. LUX Catering & Events has been awarded WeddingWire’s Couple’s Choice award two years in a row as well as KSL’s A-List award for Best Wedding Planner in 2013 and 2016. We have been able to consistently improve as one of Utah’s best wedding planners and best wedding caterers thanks to these invaluable reviews!

Leaving wedding catering reviews for Utah's best wedding caterers. With LUX Catering & Events

After the Wedding – the importance of leaving wedding catering reviews

Leaving wedding catering reviews for Utah's best wedding planners. With LUX Catering & Events

Congratulations! You’ve successfully tied the knot! Your wedding was beautiful and went off without a hitch. All your vendors went above and beyond to help make your day flawless and they succeeded. While it’s all well and good to blissfully stroll off into the sunset with your new spouse, you can’t completely ditch the wedding planning process so abruptly. Many brides and grooms fail to consider the few things that still need to happen after the wedding. These include writing thank you notes and giving feedback to your vendors via wedding catering reviews.

The importance of leaving wedding catering reviews and wedding reviews for all vendors

Giving feedback to your vendor is so important because wedding vendors need to know how their business is doing from the clients’ perspectives. Businesses have access to the revenue and sales data, but they don’t always get the data that counts the most: if clients were happy, if they would potentially be a return client or if they would recommend others to the business. As stated before, it let’s a business know what they are doing right and what they need to improve on.

Especially for a full-service wedding planning and wedding catering company like LUX Catering & Events, when we hear back from our brides and grooms about how happy they were with their LUX experience, it gives new breath to our sails! Receiving wedding catering reviews is so crucial because it reinvigorates us to keep working hard, to keep pushing our creativity and our desire to be at the cusp of wedding trends, and it makes us love our jobs even more! It propels us to keep working hard for future brides and grooms as the best wedding caterer and best wedding planner in Utah!

The importance of leaving wedding reviews including wedding catering reviews. With LUX Catering & Events

How to Leave Wedding Catering Reviews

To learn how to leave wedding catering reviews, let’s check back in with one of our recent brides, Katie!

” I had such an amazing experience throughout my wedding thanks to almost all of my vendors! Of course, working with an all inclusive wedding caterer and wedding planner like LUX made it incredibly easy for me as I only had to work with a few vendors rather than handfuls of them.

After the wedding, I wanted show my gratitude for all the hard work and personal care each one of my vendors showed to me. However, I wanted this gratitude to be in a very tangle and beneficial way to each vendor and business as a way to give back to them. A great way to do this is through client reviews. It not only helps future brides and grooms make educated decisions for their own successful and happy wedding, but it’s also valuable to businesses to receive countless good reviews.

I have found the best places to leave reviews are on the business’s Google listing and the business’s Facebook page. If you already have a Google email or a Facebook account, this is the most convenient for you.

How to leave a Facebook wedding catering reviews

Search for the company in the search bar. Click on the company’s Facebook page. Towards the top of their page, under Message, click the “Recommend” button. Be sure to leave a star review and to also write at least 50 words or more about your experience. Be a little personal about the attention you received rather than a generic synopsis of the service they performed for you.

How to leave a Google wedding catering reviews

Search for the company in the search bar. Most companies now have a Google listing which should appear on the top right of the results page. Directly under the company name, you should see orange stars. Click on the underlined number of “Google Reviews”. In the window that pops up, click the blue “Leave a Review” button on the top right. As with Facebook, don’t just leave a star count. Take a minute or two to leave a personalized account of the service you received.

There are other websites that you can leave wedding reviews on, such as Yelp, Wedding Wire and The Knot. However, unless you have been previously using those websites, don’t give yourself more work than you need to.

One last tip – make sure you are timely with your feedback. Make sure your wedding planner or point of contact still has you fresh in their minds so that your experience can serve the best results.

Thank you again to the amazing team at LUX Catering & Events for my stunning wedding!”

~ Katie

Best wedding planners and leaving wedding catering reviews. With LUX Catering & Events



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