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Culinary Team Product Recommendations!

LUX has an amazing team comprised of artisans, designers, and creators with a lifetime of combined expertise. Many of our chefs have international culinary backgrounds which adds a fabulous flair to our cuisine. We toured the building and asked some of the LUX family what tools they could not live without in their personal kitchens. […]

LUX Catering & Events Tastings – A Boutique Catering Experience!

Whether you are working with a boutique catering and event planning company (like LUX Catering & Events) or not, tastings (or taste tests) are a common part of the catering and event planning process. Almost all caterers provide either paid or complimentary tastings as part of the event planning process, allowing there is still plenty […]

What is a Benefit Corporation – Utah Sustainable Green Business

Most people know that there are privately and publicly held companies, non-profits, LLCs (or limited license companies), INCs (incorporated), etc. While non-profits are their own separate type of business that is taxed and reviewed differently, with a much different business goal than other for-profit companies, even for-profit companies have  their own different classifications. Most companies […]

LUX Catering & Events – Best of State Utah Award Winning Catering

We are so thrilled to announce the big news: LUX Catering & Events is the 2017 Best of State winner for the Best Caterer in Utah!

LeCroissant Catering & Events 2015 Benefit Corporation Report

LeCroissant Catering & Events is honored and proud to be one of the few businesses in Utah registered as a Benefit Corporation. But what is a Benefit Corporation you ask? Let us explain a little…. What is a Benefit Corporation? A benefit corporation is a newer classification of business here in Utah that aims to […]

LeCroissant Catering & Events New Website – Utah Event Venues

One of the features of our new website is easier access to the list of all our Utah event venues! We partner with some of the best event venues in Utah and are always creating new relationships with up and coming locations. We were able to create a more complete portfolio of all our event […]

Lux Catering & Events new website: our favorites!

We want to continue celebrating the official launch of our new website today by highlighting some of our favorite features of our new site! Charitable Donation Catering and Event Planning Being an active participant in our community is incredibly important to us and even more so – giving back to our community. We get more […]

Utah caterer and event planner, LeCroissant Catering & Events, unveils it’s new website!

Welcome to our chic and cutting-edge new website! We have been beta-testing for the last couple months but the bugs are exterminated and we are ready to celebrate!  As an award-winning company, we knew it was essential to have a fresh, new brand image for visitors, friends, and potential new clients, more access to images and […]