Event Spotlight | Urban Wine Pairing Dinner

In order to stun guests in a new manner, this event was completely prepared from a visible show kitchen, rather than a hidden back of house area. Guests were greeted at the door with an arrangement of butler passed hors d’oeuvres. Each hors d’oeuvre featured a local ingredient that was being highlighted. Once the dinner […]

Culinary Team Product Recommendations!

LUX has an amazing team comprised of artisans, designers, and creators with a lifetime of combined expertise. Many of our chefs have international culinary backgrounds which adds a fabulous flair to our cuisine. We toured the building and asked some of the LUX family what tools they could not live without in their personal kitchens. […]

What is a Benefit Corporation – Utah Sustainable Green Business

Most people know that there are privately and publicly held companies, non-profits, LLCs (or limited license companies), INCs (incorporated), etc. While non-profits are their own separate type of business that is taxed and reviewed differently, with a much different business goal than other for-profit companies, even for-profit companies have  their own different classifications. Most companies […]

LeCroissant Catering & Events 2015 Benefit Corporation Report

LeCroissant Catering & Events is honored and proud to be one of the few businesses in Utah registered as a Benefit Corporation. But what is a Benefit Corporation you ask? Let us explain a little…. What is a Benefit Corporation? A benefit corporation is a newer classification of business here in Utah that aims to […]

Being a Community and Environmentally Conscious Business with P3 Utah

Being a community and environmentally conscious business is important to us here at Lux Catering and Events. We believe it is not enough to just carry on business to make a profit without informed and responsible action as to how we affect the local community and the environment. As such, we have made it some […]

LUX Catering & Events Celebrates America Recycles Day!

Today is national America Recycles Day, a day to spotlight a national initiative to keep America beautiful! For us at LeCroissant Catering this is an exciting day because it allows us to celebrate and highlight our company’s Green Mission that is reflected in all our business practices. We feel it’s our responsibility to take a close […]


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